Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Two Things

Thanks to my wonderful readers for taking the time to leave comments. In a comment on my previous post I was asked if I had a website that lists all of my products and services. As of right now I do not, but I am working on adding tabs to my blog so that my products and services will be listed. I have already talked about some of the spa products that I offer. Here are a few of the spa treatments that I offer at thru my mobile spa business:

*Self-guided relaxation/meditation
*Hand Treatments which includes a relaxing hand massage.
*Foot Treatment with warm footies
*Facial Treatments which include: an instant face lift by using a non-injectable dermal filler and microderm abrasion.
*And More!

Just as a note, my mobile spa business offers an in home spa, not a "party", where you will be able to relax, de-stress and and be pampered with some of your family and friends. There are no hostess rewards to be stressed out over, or catalogs being passed around. Just a fun, relaxing time out for yourself. (I also offer spa's at your business or office!)

FREEBIE ALERT!! I will send the first ten people that put my button on their blog, a travel size Regeneration Extreme Repair Hand Therapy creme. Grab the html code that is below my button on the right side of my blog. Email your blog to once you have put my button up so that I can verify. If your blog is set to private, you will need to add me as a reader so that I may check your blog. Please note that the button must be easy for me to spot and you must keep it on your blog. I will respond back to the first ten people via email, to get your shipping address**.

**Delivery may take 2-4 weeks. Thank you!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The benefits of being a follower

Make sure you sign up as a follower of my blog, because there will be benefits if you do! I will have special contests and free giveaways, JUST for my followers.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday Madness

Monday Madness is finally here! As I briefly mentioned in a previous post, every Monday I will offer a special promo. Monday's are usually somewhat a drag, so hopefully this will help you out!

Here is the promo that is good today thru noon on Wednesday: When you buy your Maintenance Daily Facial Care Set, (this ranges in price from $65 to $105*, more on that below) you will receive a Regeneration Extreme Repair Hand Therapy (a $13.50 value) and an Instant Manicure (a $27 value) for FREE. That's $40.50 in Free gifts. You could even use your free gifts as a Mother's Day present. So $65 will get you a whole skin care regimen, PLUS a Mother's Day gift. ADDED BONUS: You will receive the free gifts for every Maintenance skin care set you buy, the more sets you buy the more free gifts. If your order is over $125 you will also receive a Warming Trend Green Tea Masque ($23 value) for FREE. Your order does not have to be just the Maintenance skin care set to receive the Warming Trend Green Tea Masque. Let me know if there are any other spa treatments you would like to order.

So here's all the info on the free products:
Warming Trend Green Tea Masque - Warms on contact and adds restorative minerals and vitamins C and D.
Regeneration Extreme Repair Hand Therapy - This is known as our teachers, nurses, doctors, firemen, mechanics, construction worker, etc, hand creme. If you have dry hands or you wash them a ton, you will love this hand creme. Even if you don't have dry skin, I promise you will still love it! It contains and alpha-hydroxy complex which penetrates deep into the skin and provides a protective barrier.
Instant Manicure - This stuff is amazing, even my husband was impressed (he was also impressed by the Regeneration Extreme Repair Hand Therapy). Just last week I spent 6 hours over at our rental house pulling weeds that were as tall as my chest and cleaning and sanitizing the inside of the house with some pretty tough chemicals. Even though I wore gardening gloves and cleaning gloves, my hands were a WRECK! They were dry and scaly, slightly cracking and my cuticles and nails looked horrible. I should have taken a before and after picture, but I came home and did the Instant Manicure treatment and it was unbelievable! It looked and felt like I just came out of the nail shop with a manicure. This product contains Dead Sea salts to gently exfoliate and a ton of different natural oils to moisturize and protect your hands. I promise you will become addicted to this!

Here's the info on the Maintenance skin care sets and how to determine what set you need.
Most skin care regimens are based solely on "is your skin dry, normal, oily, combo, acne prone, sensitive, aging". These sets are based on the AGE your skin is ACTING. There are 20's Skin, 30's Skin, 40's Skin, 50+ Skin, Acne-Prone Skin and Sensitive Skin care sets.
20's Skin Maintenance set: You may have some blemishes (not chronic acne) and you are developing fine lines and wrinkles.
30's Skin Maintenance set: You have fine lines or wrinkles, loss of firmness and skin discoloration.
40's Skin Maintenance set: You have deeper lines or wrinkles, increased loss of firmness, increased skin discoloration and dry, dull, tired-looking skin.
50+ Skin Maintenance set: You have deepening lines, wrinkles and furrows, your skin is dehydrated, fragile and thinning and you have advanced loss of firmness and elasticity.
Acne-Prone Skin Maintenance set: You struggle with acne, require deep cleaning to eliminate blockage and you may suffer from acne scarring.
Sensitive Skin Maintenance set: You have red, irritated skin, reaction to most products and overreaction to external factors.

Price breakdown and whats included:
20's set: $65.00 ($68.50 value) includes Skinlogics cleansing gel, tonic, moisturizer and facial scrub.
30's set: $65.00 ($69.50 value) includes Skinlogics Gold cleansing foam, tonic, moisturizer and facial scrub.
40's set: $65.00 ($71.50 value) includes Skinlogics Platinum cleansing lotion, tonic, moisturizer and facial scrub.
50+ set: $105.00 ($116.50 value) includes Skinlogics Platinum Plus creme cleanser, tonic, day creme, night creme and facial scrub.
Acne-Prone set: $75.00 ($86.00 value) includes Skinlogics Clear deep cleansing gel, tonic, moisturizer and scrub/masque.
Sensitive set: $75.00 ($82.00 value) includes Skinlogics Sensitive cleansing lotion, tonic, moisturizer and calming fluid.

If you have any questions or want to place and order, leave me a comment or hit the Email Me! on the right side of the blog.

*Sorry to be a drag, but I do have to charge sales tax & $3.00 S&H

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Great Question

I would like to thank The Parks Fam for stopping by my blog and taking time to comment on my previous post Beauty Tip. The comment that was left poses a great question: "What sunscreen do you recommend??" The question was in reference to a facial sunscreen.

Here's the answer. If you are using a facial moisturizer that contains SPF, you should be covered. If not, you need to be applying a facial SPF over your moisturizer. Or if you're really serious about making sure you don't get sun damage you can use both. Facial SPF's that have added benefits to them, such as anti-oxidants, will give you the most bang for your buck. I use Cell Block C New Cell Protection SPF 20. It contains Tri-C Complex, anti-oxidant blend and sunscreen. This product uses the latest technological breakthroughs to target existing sun damage such as sagging skin and fine lines. It contains a gentle, all-physical sunscreen, micronized titanium dioxide, to protect against UVA and UVB radiation and a super-charged antioxidant blend to scavenge free radicals. I highly recommend this product!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Beauty Tip

Ok, it's here everyone! My first beauty tip. Before I tell you what it is though I need to disclose something. I think that I am a fairly funny person at times. The problem with people like me who think they are funny, is that they are usually not as funny as they think. That being said, some of you that know me really well will laugh right along with me because you know my quirky side. The rest of you probably won't think it's very funny and proceed to wonder why in the heck you are reading my blog in the first place. Please bear with me as I invite everyone to get to know me a little better so that at some point in the future (hopefully not tooooo far in the future), you'll be laughing too. So anyway, here's my tip. It's a good one, but then again, I think they're all good, or else I wouldn't be sharing them in the first place.

Wash your face every night before you go to bed. You wouldn't believe how many people never wash their face at night or remove their makeup. Or there are some that think a little splash of water does the trick. Not washing your face at night is wreaking havoc on your skin. You may as well go make your own concoction of dirt, oil and air pollutants and put that on your skin, cuz' there's not really a difference.

We all know what happens to an apple if you cut it and then leave it out on the counter for a little while right? It turns brown. This happens in part because of the free radicals and pollutants in the air that we can's see that are flying around at a bazillion miles an hour. And ladies, I don't care that the lady on the TV infomercial says that sleeping in your mineral makeup is okay and even good for your skin. I would just like to go up to her and say, "Oh really! And I suppose that the minerals are still good for you to sleep in after they've been on your face all day and mixed with the dirt, air pollutants, free radicals and the oil on your face." I would love to know the answer to that.

Here's a tip within a tip. A great way to help fight skin damage from free radicals and pollutants is to: use an SPF specially formulated for your face every day and use some sort of anti-oxidant treatment OR rejuvenating treatment.

There are absolutely no excuses to not washing your face at night. None! Okay there might few.......... like you had to tivo Grey's Anatomy and you just had to stay up extra, extra late to watch it, so now you're just too tired.

So I came up with a little dittie to the tune of Row, Row, Row Your Boat, so that you can remember to wash your face at night:

Wash, wash, wash your face
Every single night
Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily
Skin so clean and bright!

So now you know!

A VERY Big Thank You!

Just want to say thank you to all of my wonderful readers/clients that took advantage of the 50% discount. They bought over $700 in spa treatments and saved 50%! If you missed out, or you ordered but are looking for more great deals, be sure to check back on Monday's for Monday Madness. Aren't Monday's usually a drag? The weekend's over, gotta go back to work, or do whatever it is that you have to do all week. To start your week with a bang, I will be offering special deals on a specific spa treatment every Monday. Don't miss out! You never know what the deal will be!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

What would you choose?

As previously mentioned I would like to have as much interaction with my readers/followers as possible. My hope is that this will be a really fun blog that you always want to read! Sooo, if you were stranded on a deserted island and you could only have three beauty items/tools, what would you choose. I don't want you to get skin cancer, so I'll let you have sunblock. I also don't want anybody's teeth rotting, so you can have a toothbrush and toothpaste. And I certainly don't want any BO on my island so you will have all the deodorant that you need. Okay, so here are my choices:

1. Moisturizing Lip Gloss
2. Waterproof Mascara
3. Tweezers

Now that you know, leave a comment with your choices. Oh, and don't forget about the 50% discount, it's only good thru tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

50% OFF

Now thru April 24th I am able to offer a special discount on Spa Treatments and products. 50% off any purchase of high quality spa treatments and spa products!* This is the perfect gift for yourself or for Mother's Day which is just a few weeks away on May 10th. Bonus: if your order is $100 or more, this is BEFORE the discount, you will receive a free at home Spa Escape*** with up to 5 of your friends. If you would like the free at home Spa Escape, but don't have $50 to spend, combine your order with a friend or family member.

Below are some of my top-selling treatments. If there is a particular treatment or product that you are looking for, just click on the Email Me! tab on the right side of the blog and let me know what you're looking for**.

The Microderm Abrasion is a Spa Resurface Treatment. A best-seller, not to mention one of my personal favorites. This set comes with the Resurface Microderm Abrasion and face buffer. This buffer is comparable to the Clarisonic which costs $195. The entire Microderm Abrasion set is only $66.50 ($33.25 after 50% savings). Here are the benefits of Microderm Abrasion:
• Stimulates cellular renewal by creating an optimal environment for the skin to produce collagen and elastin to improve skin firmness and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
• Brings healthy new skin cells to the surface for soft, smooth skin that is bright and radiant.
• Provides clinical strength results at a fraction of the price of a single treatment in a day or med-spa

Another best selling resurfacing treatment is the Multi-Acid Resurfacing Peel. This peel is salon strength and is clinically measured to improve: overall skin complextion, skin tone, reduction in roughness, brightness/clarity. Price $50 ($25 after 50% savings).

The Instant Face Lift! These two products work hand in hand to provide and instant face lift. Tight, Firm & Fill (aka TFF)Face Creme and Eye Serum dare to do the work of expensive injections without the pain, swelling or down time. You will see a visible difference in just one hour and proven results in six. I remember the first time I did this treatment with a friend. We put the TFF on one side of our faces and after about an hour we looked at each other and it was as if there was a line down the center of our faces. The results are amazing! TFF Eye Serum price $42.50 ($21.25 after 50% savings). TFF Face Creme price $48.50 ($24.25 after 50% savings).

Instant Manicure. This treatment is amazing! I know I keep saying that, but it's true! The instant manicure is formulated with Dead Sea salts to gently exfoliate dead skin cells while natural oils moisturize and help protect hands and nails. Price $27 ($13.50 after 50% savings)

Be sure to share this blog post with all your family and friends .

*Sorry to be a drag, but I do have to charge you sales tax plus $3 for S&H.

** Here is a list of some other Spa Treatments (be sure to email me if you would like more info and prices on the following treatments): Daily Facial Treatments, Facial Repair Treatments, Facial Age Prevention Treatments, Advanced Facial Repair & Prevention Treatments, Skin Cell Reprogram Treatment, Skin Brightening Treatment, Lip Treatments, Eye Treatments, Body Treatments, Manicure Treatments, Pedicure Treatments, Italian Spa Treatment, Sea Spa Treatment, Apothecary Treatments, Bath & Body Treatments

***If you live outside the Phoenix Metropolitan area, please be sure to email me with your location to see if a I can do a Spa Escape in your area. Thank you!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Welcome to my new blog!

I'm so excited to start my new beauty blog! Before I get started I just want to clarify that I am not a licensed beauty professional. I have never taken formal training. My knowledge and expertise comes from what I like to call a "healthy addiction" to all things related to beauty. This includes skincare, makeup and hair. Going back to my earliest memories, I remember I was always playing with my mother's makeup. This led to me getting my own "play" makeup at an early age. By the time I was 8 or 9 I was scouring magazines always going straight to the beauty section. I would end up in the bathroom for hours replicating all the makeup and hairdo's. I'm sure this got quit annoying to everyone else in the house as we only had one full bathroom and I seemed to always be occupying it. If I got bored with putting makeup on myself there was always my mom and close friends to tackle. This I especially loved and I still do. In my opinion one of the funnest things to do is give people makeovers. Not that I think that everyone else besides me applies their makeup wrong, but sometimes it's fun to show people different looks and tricks that work for them.

I have been called "high-maintenance" many times by many people. Despite my being labeled, I am not a vain person and I do not consider myself better than anyone else. My explanation for this is that I have no artistic skill whatsoever, except when it comes to makeup. It just so happens that I like to cultivate and practice my art in the mirror every day. Call me crazy, but there is something about getting out of the shower with a fresh face to start on everyday.

In addition to being called high-maintenance, I have also been made fun of for my skincare routine. In response, there is a great quote from Cindy Crawford that sums it up for me, "The face you have at age 25 is the face God gave you, but the face you have after 50 is the face you earned."

Anyway, after blabbing on and on, the purpose of this blog is for me to share tips and tricks that I have learned along the way. I'll also be blogging on my favorite products and sharing personal stories. You may be wondering about the name of my blog. Even if you haven't, I'm going to tell you anyway! My blog is named after my mobile spa business, but I'll blog more about that later. I want to have as much interaction with my readers as possible, so follow my blog and follow me on twitter, and please, I am BEGGING you to leave comments. Be sure to check back often as I will be having contests, giving away free samples, offering discounts and even giving away free at home spas.