Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Two Things

Thanks to my wonderful readers for taking the time to leave comments. In a comment on my previous post I was asked if I had a website that lists all of my products and services. As of right now I do not, but I am working on adding tabs to my blog so that my products and services will be listed. I have already talked about some of the spa products that I offer. Here are a few of the spa treatments that I offer at thru my mobile spa business:

*Self-guided relaxation/meditation
*Hand Treatments which includes a relaxing hand massage.
*Foot Treatment with warm footies
*Facial Treatments which include: an instant face lift by using a non-injectable dermal filler and microderm abrasion.
*And More!

Just as a note, my mobile spa business offers an in home spa, not a "party", where you will be able to relax, de-stress and and be pampered with some of your family and friends. There are no hostess rewards to be stressed out over, or catalogs being passed around. Just a fun, relaxing time out for yourself. (I also offer spa's at your business or office!)

FREEBIE ALERT!! I will send the first ten people that put my button on their blog, a travel size Regeneration Extreme Repair Hand Therapy creme. Grab the html code that is below my button on the right side of my blog. Email your blog to once you have put my button up so that I can verify. If your blog is set to private, you will need to add me as a reader so that I may check your blog. Please note that the button must be easy for me to spot and you must keep it on your blog. I will respond back to the first ten people via email, to get your shipping address**.

**Delivery may take 2-4 weeks. Thank you!

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