Friday, May 1, 2009

Beauty Tip

Beauty Tip: Skincare and makeup application is like an algebra equation. I know this sounds strange, but it is true, and if you remember this, it will help you in your makeup application and skincare routine. For those of you that don't remember the basics of an algebra equation (don't feel bad if you don't!), what you do to one side of the equation you MUST do to the other. So remember that the skincare routine you do on your face, you MUST do on your neck as well. Have any of you heard the saying that you can tell a person's real age by looking at their neck? So many of us take care of our face, but totally neglect our neck and decolletage. And let me tell you, it will show in your later years. There is nothing worse than seeing a woman that looks great and then getting a glance at her wrinkly, saggy neck. If only she had remembered her algebra!

The same is true of your makeup application. Believe it or not, I have seen women apply their entire eye makeup to one eye, and then go back and do the other. Please don't do this. It is much harder to make sure that your makeup is evenly applied. When you apply your blush don't use up all the blush on your brush on just one side of your face. Evenly apply over both checks. If you need more, you can always swipe some more blush on your brush and apply more.

So now you know!

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