Tuesday, April 21, 2009

50% OFF

Now thru April 24th I am able to offer a special discount on Spa Treatments and products. 50% off any purchase of high quality spa treatments and spa products!* This is the perfect gift for yourself or for Mother's Day which is just a few weeks away on May 10th. Bonus: if your order is $100 or more, this is BEFORE the discount, you will receive a free at home Spa Escape*** with up to 5 of your friends. If you would like the free at home Spa Escape, but don't have $50 to spend, combine your order with a friend or family member.

Below are some of my top-selling treatments. If there is a particular treatment or product that you are looking for, just click on the Email Me! tab on the right side of the blog and let me know what you're looking for**.

The Microderm Abrasion is a Spa Resurface Treatment. A best-seller, not to mention one of my personal favorites. This set comes with the Resurface Microderm Abrasion and face buffer. This buffer is comparable to the Clarisonic which costs $195. The entire Microderm Abrasion set is only $66.50 ($33.25 after 50% savings). Here are the benefits of Microderm Abrasion:
• Stimulates cellular renewal by creating an optimal environment for the skin to produce collagen and elastin to improve skin firmness and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
• Brings healthy new skin cells to the surface for soft, smooth skin that is bright and radiant.
• Provides clinical strength results at a fraction of the price of a single treatment in a day or med-spa

Another best selling resurfacing treatment is the Multi-Acid Resurfacing Peel. This peel is salon strength and is clinically measured to improve: overall skin complextion, skin tone, reduction in roughness, brightness/clarity. Price $50 ($25 after 50% savings).

The Instant Face Lift! These two products work hand in hand to provide and instant face lift. Tight, Firm & Fill (aka TFF)Face Creme and Eye Serum dare to do the work of expensive injections without the pain, swelling or down time. You will see a visible difference in just one hour and proven results in six. I remember the first time I did this treatment with a friend. We put the TFF on one side of our faces and after about an hour we looked at each other and it was as if there was a line down the center of our faces. The results are amazing! TFF Eye Serum price $42.50 ($21.25 after 50% savings). TFF Face Creme price $48.50 ($24.25 after 50% savings).

Instant Manicure. This treatment is amazing! I know I keep saying that, but it's true! The instant manicure is formulated with Dead Sea salts to gently exfoliate dead skin cells while natural oils moisturize and help protect hands and nails. Price $27 ($13.50 after 50% savings)

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*Sorry to be a drag, but I do have to charge you sales tax plus $3 for S&H.

** Here is a list of some other Spa Treatments (be sure to email me if you would like more info and prices on the following treatments): Daily Facial Treatments, Facial Repair Treatments, Facial Age Prevention Treatments, Advanced Facial Repair & Prevention Treatments, Skin Cell Reprogram Treatment, Skin Brightening Treatment, Lip Treatments, Eye Treatments, Body Treatments, Manicure Treatments, Pedicure Treatments, Italian Spa Treatment, Sea Spa Treatment, Apothecary Treatments, Bath & Body Treatments

***If you live outside the Phoenix Metropolitan area, please be sure to email me with your location to see if a I can do a Spa Escape in your area. Thank you!

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So are you selling this stuff or are these just your favorite products?? What company is this through? I would be interested in placing an order...email me.